Sunday, February 21, 2010


Khawvel puma thianghlimna zirtirtu tia lar, Commissioner Samuel Logan Brengle-a hming chawia sak, Thianghlimna Inzirtirna chu India Eastern Territory-ah pawh zawh fel a ni leh ta. Ni 16 - 20 February 2010 chhung khan Booth Conference Hall-ah Lt. Colonel Karen Shakespear IHQ kaihhruaina hnuai hlawhtling taka neih a ni.

Samuel Logan Brengle was born in Fredericksburg, Indiana, U.S.A., of William and Rebecca Brengle, June 1, 1860. When the lad was two years of age, his schoolteacher father responded to the call of his country to serve in the Northern Army during the American Civil War. Wounded in the siege of Vicksburg, the brave young soldier returned home only to succumb to his wounds. The godly wife and mother, now entrusted with the rearing of her only child, faithfully instructed him in the things of God. Although she married again and life consisted of one move after another, attendance at church never was neglected.

As a teenager, he was saved during a revival meeting and began a life of dedication to the Lord. Following the death of his mother he enrolled in what is now known as DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. There he was an exceptional scholar and while a number of opportunities were open to him, he felt that his calling was to be a preacher and so following university he became a circuit preacher for the Methodist church. Later on he was encouraged to study theology and so he enrolled at the Boston Theological Seminary. It was at this seminary that he was exposed to the teaching of holiness and later claimed the experience for his own life

Following his graduation he received offers to pastor some of the largest Methodists churches in the US. However, he turned them down as he became interested in the work of The Salvation Army. He had heard William Booth speak at an open air service and was drawn to his ministry and mission and he desired to travel to England to meet and volunteer his services to the Founder of The Salvation Army. He had also met a young Salvationists by the name of Elizabeth Swift and had asked for her hand in marriage.

When he did arrive in England and meet the Founder, the meeting was far from cordial, Booth viewed Brengle with some scepticism calling him a dangerous man in that he had been his own boss and Booth was not sure Brengle would adhere to the discipline of The Salvation Army. Nonetheless he was accepted for training and made his home at the Salvation Army Training Barracks in London. There one of his first duties was to blacken and shine the boots of his fellow cadets, a job that was considered menial. Rather than complain he reminded himself of the fact that His Savior did not consider it beneath Himself to wash the feet of the disciples. He took on all tasks, from selling the War Cry to preaching on the streets with equal humility and zeal.

Books written by Samuel Logan Bregle


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The Salvation Army, India Eastern Territory chhunga thutthleng dup nei pahnihna chu Aizawl Temple Corps a ni. Post tawh ang khan pakhatna chu Ramhlun Vengthar Corps a ni. Temple thutthleng dup hi Pu F Kapsanga CT & Family tum a ni a, a case siamna turin sipai in tinah special ip an sem a, chumi tling khawm chuan a case leh a dalna an siam ang.

Thutdup hi thuthleng zawng zawnhah phah chhuah vek a ni

Tunah chuan tlemin thut a nuam ve ta a, bawng kham nei mi tan pawh a ziaawm ta khawp a, mahse, a tir atanga ruahman lawk loh a nih avangin duh aiin thutna hi a sang ta deuh hlek. Ramhlun Vengthar Corps chuan an ruahman lawk thlap avangin thut a nuam bik.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dr. Zairemthiaman kum 3 dang a hna ngaia awm leh tura thutlukna a siam lawmpui nan hengte hi ka rawn tarlang a ni. A sawi angin mahni khua, kan Zotlang ramnuam chhawrpial run nuam tak ngaih a nat em em laiin, Africa ram luma kum 3 dang Pathian rawngbawlna hna thawk leh tura an inhuamna hi a ropui tak zet a ni.

Lt. Colonel Lalngaihawmi, Chief Secretary-in Ebenezer Corps biak in atangin a tirchhuak

Dr. Thiama leh a nupui Mapuii ten thu tha tak an sawi

Territorial Songster-in hla mawi takin an thlah

Territorial Staff Band-in rimawi tumin an thlah

Capt. Lalhmingliana, Financial Secretary-in fuihna leh thlahna thu a sawi

Major Romawia Central Bial CO-in bial aiawhin ngaihhruina thilpek a hlan

Inkhawm pawh an tamin biak in leng lovin mi an kalkhawm

Pu H. Lianzela, Territorial ACSAL President pawhin thlahna thu a sawi

An nupain zahngaihna thutphahah an Pathian tan an inhlan

Dr. Zairemthiama hi SAMF (Salvation Army Medical Fellowship) member a nih avangin Major Ropari, SAMF Secretary-in tawngtainain a thlah

Inkhawm ban biak in kawt

An fanu sam hi miin an lawm hle a, an kalna tura mite sam pawh a an hmel khawp mai

posted & photos by fela