Wednesday, December 8, 2010


India Eastern Territory-a a hmasa ber ni turin ni 24.11.2010 khan New Serchhip-ah Catherine Booth Home for the Aged chu hawn a ni ta. Hawnna inkhawm hi Major Lalhmingliana DC, Central South-in a kaihruai a, Colonel Samuel Charan, Territorial COmmander-in hawngin Pathian hnenah a hlan.

Chaltlang Corps SAY chuan an kalna intumin 'Chhak leh thlang atangin an lo kalkhawm ang a...' tih hla, he hmun hawn thar nena inrem tak zaipawlin an rem.

Khawtlang hruaitu te, Department lam hotute sawm an nih angin an lo kal a, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Malsawma chuan, kan thawkho zel ang a, a tul dan ang zelin kan intanpui tawn dawn nia tiin a inhuamna thu a sawi.

He Old Age Home hi mi 10 awm theihna tura ruahman a ni.

Thlalak atang hian a dang chu a chiang tawh mai awm e



  1. Mizoramah chuan tar leh upate hi ngaihsak hlawhlo tak an ni.Sorkhar lahin a ngaihthah bawk chuvangin kohranhoin in ngaihsak an ngai anih kha maw le.capt

  2. A lawmawm hle mai hetiang centre kan nei thar hi. Pathianin mal a sawm ngei ang.

  3. daneil hi Maj Khumtea tupa kha ni em aw?


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