Monday, April 19, 2010


Ni 17 April 2010 khan Kumba (Kumber) ah SAMF chuan free medical clinic a buatsaih a, Major S. Biakliana DC te nupa leh Captain Thangzamanga CO te nupain an tawiawm. Silchar Boys Home naupangte hriselna en hmasak a ni a, chumi hnuah Kumba lam pan a ni.

Kumba-ah hian majority chu Sipa Pawl member an ni a, thingpui huan (Kumber Tea Esstate) a thawk an ni tlangpui a, mi pakhatin ni khatah Rs. 58 an hlawh a ni. Biak in leh School an nei a, biak inah hian an leng lo nasa hle a, school-ah pawh chuti bawk a ni.

Aizawl atangin chawhnu dar 2 vela chhuakin Silchar chu zan dar sarihah an thleng a. A tukah Kumba lam pana kalin chawhnu dar thum thleng clinic hawn a ni. Major Biakmawii DDWM leh Captain Thangzamangaten tawng letin an tanpui. Dr. Baruah, Senior Medical Officer, Kumber Tea Estate pawhin rawn tlawhin Sipai Pawl rawngbawlna a fak a, visual aid nen helath & hyegene lam inzirtirna awm bawk se an sawtpui a rin thu a sawi bawk.



  1. In va tiropui leh hep hep ve aw! Pi Pari (Major) leh a hote nge nge. Rawn tel veleh a chakawm hle mai.

    Tunge doctor leh medical staff dang kalte tal hming hi rawn ziak tel la tha tur. Dr Hruaitea chu ka hmu, thlalakah hian, Dr Duhawma tel ve leh thei em? Kan officer kalte hming i rawn thai lang a, an tawiawm thei che u khi an fakawm hle mai. Damlo entu tak tak zawkte hming hi, tarlan an phu ve lo maw?

    In ti tha thin, congratulations!!

  2. Maj Fela leh Pari te chu in van doctor hmel ta ve le .
    Tunham chuan silchar corps ah khan ka lenglut ve zeuh 2 trhin a sin zin pah hian.

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