Monday, April 26, 2010


Hmun kilkhawr leh outreach area lama kan biak in leh quarters thenkhatte

Bethsuri Biak In

Darlak Biak In - Mizoram

Darlak YP Hall

Fatapukur Corps Biak In (North Bengal)

H. Rimawia Memorial Prayer Hall, Rani Colony - Cachar, Assam

Kumba Corps Biak In - Cachar, Assam

Kumba SA School

Kwakeithel Society Biak In, Lamdong, Manipur

Manja Corps Biak In hlui. Tunah chuan a hnung lamah hian a thar an sa tawh e.

Manja Corps YP Hall

He YP Hall hi zanah ka hawng a, Pathian hnenah ka hlan.

Mayaikoibi Society Biak In - Manipur

Mickhola Society Biak In - Sikkim

Namchi Corps Biak In - Namchi, Sikkim

Oyan Corps Biak In - Arunachal Pradesh (above & below)

Phuldungsei Corps Biak In - Tripura

Sabual Corps Biak In - Tripura

Rongtheso Society Biak In - Karbi Anglong. Tunah chuan he biak in hi a ding tawh lo.

Tlangmawi Corps Biak In leh School- Cachar

Tripura District DO Qtrs & office (tunah chuan CO in a luah ta)

Zokhawthar Sociry Biak In - Mizoram - Myanmar Border



  1. Sabual Corps biak in khi lian leh tha tak a ni thin a, thlipui na tak khan a tichhe vek a, hmanraw hluiin tikhian an khawr leh ta mai a nih khi. Member an pung chak thei vak lo lehnghal a. Awm tawk viau tho e.

    Darlak khi SA kan thang mawh khawp bawk mai. Engtia hma han lak chi nge ni ang le?

    Ramthar kan zuan dawn reng reng hian 'need identification' study leh environmental survey te uluk takin nei hmasa ila. Mamawh kan nih tak takna hmunah leh kan than zel theihna tur hmunah te hian insawhngheh tum ila. Tupa emaw phur thut vang emaw-a thutlukna siam mai lo leh, kohhran pawl dang atanga tlan tau member lungawi lote koh phar mai mai theih ni lo bawk ila, kan nghetin kan thang ang. Ka han sawi ta deuh duah a ni e.

  2. @ Thiama - Ramthar zuan dawna tih tur rawtna hi a tha hle mai. Corps hruai theitu tur, upa chan chang thei, mi rin hlawh an awm phawt hi a pawimawh hmasa thin.

    Din a nih tawh chuan biak in sak vat a pawimawh bawk. Kohhran dangte hi an tuan a tha thin hle a, kan tluk lo thin.

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