Sunday, August 8, 2010


International Secretary leh ZSWM in India South East territory an tlawh. Territoial Review neih a ni a. Chumi rual chuan Territorial Self Support programme atana an ruahman Shopping Complex lungphum Commissioner lalhlimpuiin a phum a. Contractor thlan fel a ni tawh a. Rei loteah Shopping Complex lian tawk tak an nei mai dawn a ni.

Commissionete chuan Senior Leaderte tan Leadership Training an neihpui bawk a. Executive Officerte an kal kim tha hle. Anmahni centre ngeiah hei hi neih a ni a. Malsawmna tamtak an dawng.


  1. Hmasawnna tura ruahmanna duhawm tak tak lo hmuh hi a lawmawm e. Executive Council chu an thahnem bawk e. An va var nalh hlawm em!

  2. Black and White vek an ni ve tho maw..???? Helam nen a danglam vak lo e, a nalh chu an nalh hlawm ngang mai, hmel hmuh har deuh ni, an ti langsar ngawt mai che u.

  3. Shopping complex hi project lian tak a ni. Sum invest nan a tha reng a ni. A ropui hle mai. Duhsakna ka hlan e.

  4. ZL: An thahnem khawp mai, plan tha neite puih hi kan nuam tih zawng tak a ni.

    Dion: Ni e, an dang chuang love, chi tin tawnggtion hi tih hla ang kha a ni e.

    Zaia: Ni e, a dang pawh la tih leh an tum, kan tuipui a keini pawhin nuai tih tham fein kan han pui tawh. Windmill an nei tawh bawk a, an ziaawm tan khawp mai.

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